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How To Dress For The Veldskoen Winter Season


Crafted Veldskoen Shoes Provide Comfort and Style

Veldskoen is the name for a type of shoe that originated in South Africa. It’s a casual shoe made of soft leather and suede, typically worn with shorts or jeans.

Do you wear socks with Vellies?

There is no definitive answer, but wearing socks with vellies is generally advisable. This will help protect your feet from harsh weather conditions and prevent foot injuries.

Veldskoen shoes are hand-cut, sewn, and finished using a buttery soft full-grain suede. They’re durable and comfortable. And they’re perfect for everyday wear with jeans or shorts. Most importantly, they’re handmade and sustainably produced, which means they have a lower environmental impact than mass-produced shoes. Read to find out more about these unique South African shoes!

What kind of materials are used in making veldskoen shoes?

Veldskoene is made with a durable synthetic rubber compound known as E-Nog. The raw materials used in making Veldskoenvellies are sourced locally from South African businesses. These include natural rubber, petroleum, and chemicals. In total, the materials make up around 70% of the shoe’s composition.


The original design of veldskoene is based on traditional Khoisan footwear. This design includes a thick sole, laces, and a round toe. Both men’s and women’s veldskoene have been developed to cater for various occasions and styles. The soles and laces of leather vellies are brightly colored for added comfort and style.



Besides, the durability of leather vellies makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They can also be casual or formal, depending on the occasion and the wearer’s preference.


Sustainably handcrafted & designed to last.

Veldskoen, a leading African footwear brand, takes pride in its sustainable and handcrafted products. The company has created shoes with a durable synthetic rubber compound sole that is also recyclable. All Veldskoene have a stitch-down anti-slip rubber sole to ensure stability and durability. In addition, the shoes feature genuine leather lining for added comfort and durability. Each pair of Veldskoene is made with care and attention to detail and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The waxed cotton laces of Veldskoene is designed to last for prolonged wear. Overall, the Founder shoe line perfectly combines clean lines and rugged, durable functionality.

Meet the artisans who handcraft your vellies.

Veldskoene was founded by best friends Nick Dreyer and Ross Zondagh, who quickly realized a significant lack of high-quality, Made-in-USA footwear for athletes. They began designing and crafting unique performance shoes to address this, focusing on quality and comfort.

The pair worked to incorporate sustainable and innovative materials into their designs, such as synthetic rubber soles and leather uppers, which are both durable and recyclable. Each shoe is made from premium, locally sourced materials, ensuring stylish and comfortable vellies. This dedication to sustainable manufacturing practices has helped to establish Veldskoene as a leading athletic apparel brand.


Handmade veldskoene have a long and distinguished history. These shoe styles have been popular among fans for years, thanks to the high-quality materials and craftsmanship that goes into making them. Handmade veldskoene remains a popular choice for those looking for comfort and style. This is because they offer great balance between fashion and comfort, with designs tailored to suit every wearer’s tastes.


Handmade veldskoene come in various colors and styles, making them an excellent choice for enthusiasts of fashion and comfort. Besides, these shoe styles are made to order, ensuring you receive the perfect pair. This ensures that you get quality vellies that are tailor-made to your feet. Also, it makes them more durable and sturdy and reduces waste.

We use a reversible full-grain suede, lightly buffed on the inside, that molds to your feet for supreme all-day comfort. It’s our secret sauce.
Veldskoen is a South African shoe brand that uses reversible full-grain leather, lightly buffed on the inside that melts to your feet for supreme all-day comfort. This secret sauce is what sets Veldskoen apart from other brands.


The high-quality materials used in the construction of the shoes ensure durability and longevity. With such high-end materials, the shoes are not only comfortable but also look stunning. The designs of Veldskoen shoes are known for their exceptional comfort and durability.



The Veldskoen brand has been around for more than four decades and has earned a reputation as a shoe brand with exceptional quality and comfort. In recent times, it has seen a spike in sales due to its diverse range of styles and popularity among women globally.

The high-quality materials used in the construction of Veldskoen shoes ensure durability and longevity. This, coupled with its stylish designs, make them an ideal choice for women looking for comfort, style, and durability in one go.

We use high-performance technical leather that repels water and is super easy to clean. These will be your new all-day-everyday shoe.
Veldskoen shoes are built with high-performance technical leather. This material is highly water-repellent and durable, making it perfect for outdoor activities. It’s also easy to clean, making your new all-day-everyday shoe.



The stitching of the shoes is done with semi-waxed, 100% polyester, braided thread. This strong but flexible thread holds the upper together perfectly without stretching out or wearing out quickly.



To make the shoes more attractive, they enlisted the skills of an old school friend and digital marketing expert, Nic Latouf. Nic helped Veldskoen to create a signature look that is bright and appealing. He has helped Veldskoen to source raw materials from local South African businesses to ensure that its products are environmentally friendly and locally-sourced.

Our mission is clear. To continually work toward a more sustainable future by using innovative and out the box thinking to reduce our impact.
– Our mission is clear – to continue to strive for a more sustainable future by employing innovative and out of the box thinking to reduce our environmental impact.

– This mission is based on the goal of sustainability – to protect the environment and reduce negative environmental impacts.

– To reach this goal, innovative and out of the box thinking must be used in order to create the most effective solutions.

– These solutions must be implemented in order to reduce the negative impacts humans have on the environment.

– This mission is a long-term goal that requires continued effort to ensure a sustainable future.

The mission of sustainable living is important because it focuses on creating a better future for generations to come. In addition, it helps us understand that we need to address our impact on the environment now, rather than waiting for future generations to do it for us.


With this mission as a guiding light, we can take action today to create a sustainable future for ourselves and our planet.


Each shoe is handcrafted in South Africa the traditional way. Hand-cut, sewn and finished using a buttery soft full-grain suede.
-Experience comfort and style with veldskoen shoes.

-Each shoe is handcrafted in South Africa the traditional way.

-Hand-cut, sewn and finished using a buttery soft full-grain suede.

-100% satisfaction guaranteed.

-Free shipping on orders over R6000

There’s no denying that these shoes are high-quality and durable, perfect for everyday wear. The handmade veldskoen has a simplistic yet stylish design, making it perfect for anyone looking for a quality pair of shoes without breaking the bank. They’re an excellent choice for women who want to add a unique element to their outfit without compromising comfort or performance.



Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between handmade veldskoen shoes and other types of shoes?

There are many differences between handmade veldskoen shoes and other types of shoes. Veldskoen shoes are typically made from high-quality leather, which makes them durable and comfortable. They often come from South Africa, adding to their unique charm. In addition, they feature a strong gristle TPR sole, providing extra cushioning and support. Veldskoen shoes come in a variety of styles and colors, giving wearers a wide range of options to choose from.

Why are handmade veldskoen shoes so comfortable?

There are a few reasons why handmade veldskoen shoes are so comfortable. For one, they feature a durable synthetic rubber compound sole which provides exceptional comfort. The shoes are also designed with leather-lined uppers for added comfort. The boots also use a hydrophobic material that helps keep your feet cool and dry in hot weather conditions. Lastly, the shoes are produced with traditional craftsmanship, making them incredibly comfortable.

How do I care for my handmade veldskoen shoes?

Here are some tips on how to take care of your handmade veldskoen shoes:

1. Clean and treat the leather regularly with a soft cloth or brush.

2. Protect the shoes from water damage by using waterproofing sprays.

3. Use a leather conditioner to keep the leather soft and supple.

4. Replace the synthetic rubber sole every six months if necessary.

Where can I find handmade veldskoen shoes?

If you’re looking for handmade veldskoen shoes, your best bet is to check out local shoe stores or online retailers. You can also find artisanal veldskoen makers in your area who produce shoes with durable synthetic rubber soles. Veldskoen exports its products to over 60 countries, increasing global popularity. Products to 32 countries and always sources raw materials locally, which helps to reduce environmental impact. In addition to being environmentally friendly, these handmade shoes are also known for their exceptional comfort and durability.


Keeping your feet comfortable and looking stylish has been the aim of veldskoen shoes since the indigenous people of South Africa first wore them.  You can still get the same comfort and style with a more sustainable alternative today. Handcrafted veldskoen shoes are made from sustainable materials that are easy on the environment and your feet! Call our artisans today if you’re looking for a pair of handmade veldskoen shoes!

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