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Monthly Archives: November 2023

Discover Veldskoen: Traditional South African Footwear

Veldskoen the Traditional South African Footwear As a South African brand, we take great pride in our heritage and the style that comes with it. One of the most recognizable and iconic pieces of our culture is Veldskoen, the traditional South African footwear that’s handcrafted in South Africa using high-quality leather. These chukka-style shoes are a symbol of our commitment to craftsmanship and authenticity. […]

Styling Your Clothing with South African Heritage Footwear

Vellies Veldskoen, affectionately known as vellies, is a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Originating from South Africa, these durable shoes can be paired with various outfits. Try styling your vellies with rugged denim jeans and a casual t-shirt for a relaxed, everyday look. They also go well with chinos and a button-up shirt for a […]